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Welcome to Manly Warringah Netball Association

Manly Warringah Netball Association

Netball NSW 

Code of Behaviour Policy

Netball NSW and Affiliates seek to provide a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone involved in Netball.

To achieve this, Netball NSW and Affiliates require certain standards of behaviour of players, coaches, officials, administrators, parents and spectators.

CLICK HERE to download the full policy.

Game Sense

Game Sense is an approach to coaching and teaching which uses games as a learning tool to increase the motivation of players and develop tactical and strategic thinking as well as skill development. 

CLICK HERE to download the full program.

Change It Guide

This guide is designed to help coaches deliver fun, safe and engaging sport related games that maximise participation and included and challenge all players, regardless of their ability level or back ground.

CLICK HERE to download the full program. 

Skills Development Framework

This Framework has been developed as a guide for coaches of NetSetGo through to Elite levels.

The purpose is to provide a national consistency in standard and appropriate skill development and progression across the pathways.

CLICK HERE to download the full program.

Evaluation- Take 10

Self Evaluation. Take the time to sit down and self evaluate your session.

CLICK HERE to download the evaluation sheet.

How To Set Out A Training Session

Format is based on a one hour training session and can be used from NetSetGo to Elite.

CLICK HERE to download the breakdown.

Netball Australia Knee Program

This program is a complete warmup for all netballers.

All players from NetSetGo to Elite should be utilising this program at least twice a week for maximum benefit.

CLICK HERE to view the full program.

Netball NSW Coaching Link

Coaches are the centre of all athlete development.

Netball NSW aims to support all our coaches in a culture built on respect and collaboration.

CLICK HERE to read on further.

Netball Australia Coaching Accreditation Pathway

Gaining your National Coaching Accreditation can help support you deliver great netball experiences for players and gain the support and resources you need to feel confident in your delivery.

CLICK HERE to view the accreditation framework.

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